"Pasa la Sal"

The first thing different about the food here is the meal time.  We have cereales (breakfast) right before school, lunch at 2:30, then dinner no earlier than 9:00 pm.  It has been a struggle adjusting to the later meal times and I´ve been hungry a lot, but the Churros con Chocolate make it okay.  I also love the helado here and how often I see people walking the streets eating ice cream, plus there are ice cream shops on almost every corner.  Our meals with our host family range from traditional plates like Tortilla de Papas Españoles, Paella, Gazpacho, y Jamón Iberico, to chips, french fries, burgers and fried chicken.  It all depends on the day, but I have enjoyed trying new Spanish foods more than Americanized meals.  However, I am not a fan of the amount of vinegar added to certain foods, but you win and you lose some.  Below is a picture of the best churros and chocolate I´ve had here yet.   


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