Impresion de Clases 

It is now the second week of classes, but I wanted to give a quick rundown on my impression of Art 3800:  Artistic Monuments of Sevilla -- There are about 10 people in my class, all of them from Wisconsin and the majority of them from my home university.  Our professor Reda is great, he is informative yet laid back and pretty funny.  My favorite part about the class is the structure, because it is unlike any class I have had in America.  We spend about half of our 3 hour class in the classroom discussing the different styles of architecture and its history, then we get to actually witness the architecture.  The last half of class is spent following Reda around the gorgeous Sevilla and its historical monuments.  

Here are some pictures; one of me and my favorite monument of the week, Real Alcazar, and another of tour guide/professor Reda at the same location.  


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