ReLaxing in Lagos

This past Friday we got the chance to visit Lagos, Portugal as a group.  We hopped on a private bus right after our classes, spent 3 hours on the rode, and arrived in Portugal at the hotel Marsol.  I loved the hotel because it was an apartment layout.  I shared a room with my friend and host family roommate Lilly, and also with a new girl who came for the second session here at SAIIE.  

After packing our backpacks away in the apartments, we went straight to the beach.  I can honestly say it was the most beautiful ocean I have ever seen (and I have seen a few), due to the giant rock structures, cliffs, and bright blue water.  

We were able to take a boat tour through the cave rocks which was amazing.  Our tour guide told us the nicknames of all of the rocks, and pointed out the ones that looked like faces.  We spent the rest of the day tanning and exploring the ocean.  I ended up swimming with some of the other girls to the private beach area, where we found a sea anenome, sea cucumber, and little crabs in tide pools.  It was an amazing trip to get us white Wisconsinites into the sun for a while.  



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