Racing for Reda

It´s our last week here at SAIIE and Sevilla as a whole, which feels quite weird since we have gotten used to the routine.  We are spending most of our week racing to finish homework assignments, which includes a 5-6 page paper, oral presentation, and exam that´s worth 40% of our grade.  Needless to say, we are slightly stressed.  This last week carries a huge workload, and we are also trying to pack our bags for our next leg of the European trip:  Germany.  
We will definitely miss Sevilla and the friends that we made her, but the good thing is that most of the students came here from our home university, UW-La Crosse.  I´m sure we will find a way to meet up with the people from the other universities in Wisconsin, but unfortunately it will not be over churros y chocolate, tapas, or sangría.  I plan to visit España again in my life, so really I´m saying a temporary goodbye to the country.  I also want to say thanks to everyone here at SAIIE, our host family, Reda our…
ReLaxing in Lagos

This past Friday we got the chance to visit Lagos, Portugal as a group.  We hopped on a private bus right after our classes, spent 3 hours on the rode, and arrived in Portugal at the hotel Marsol.  I loved the hotel because it was an apartment layout.  I shared a room with my friend and host family roommate Lilly, and also with a new girl who came for the second session here at SAIIE.  
After packing our backpacks away in the apartments, we went straight to the beach.  I can honestly say it was the most beautiful ocean I have ever seen (and I have seen a few), due to the giant rock structures, cliffs, and bright blue water.  
We were able to take a boat tour through the cave rocks which was amazing.  Our tour guide told us the nicknames of all of the rocks, and pointed out the ones that looked like faces.  We spent the rest of the day tanning and exploring the ocean.  I ended up swimming with some of the other girls to the private beach area, where we found a sea an…
"Pasa la Sal"
The first thing different about the food here is the meal time.  We have cereales (breakfast) right before school, lunch at 2:30, then dinner no earlier than 9:00 pm.  It has been a struggle adjusting to the later meal times and I´ve been hungry a lot, but the Churros con Chocolate make it okay.  I also love the helado here and how often I see people walking the streets eating ice cream, plus there are ice cream shops on almost every corner.  Our meals with our host family range from traditional plates like Tortilla de Papas Españoles, Paella, Gazpacho, y Jamón Iberico, to chips, french fries, burgers and fried chicken.  It all depends on the day, but I have enjoyed trying new Spanish foods more than Americanized meals.  However, I am not a fan of the amount of vinegar added to certain foods, but you win and you lose some.  Below is a picture of the best churros and chocolate I´ve had here yet.
Impresion de Clases 
It is now the second week of classes, but I wanted to give a quick rundown on my impression of Art 3800:  Artistic Monuments of Sevilla -- There are about 10 people in my class, all of them from Wisconsin and the majority of them from my home university.  Our professor Reda is great, he is informative yet laid back and pretty funny.  My favorite part about the class is the structure, because it is unlike any class I have had in America.  We spend about half of our 3 hour class in the classroom discussing the different styles of architecture and its history, then we get to actually witness the architecture.  The last half of class is spent following Reda around the gorgeous Sevilla and its historical monuments.  
Here are some pictures; one of me and my favorite monument of the week, Real Alcazar, and another of tour guide/professor Reda at the same location.  
¿Quien Soy Yo?

Hola!  My name is Emilie and I am now officially a student at SAIIE studying abroad for the first session of the summer program, which is three weeks long.  I am originally from Whitewater, Wisconsin but I to school at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  I will be a junior next year and my majors are Sport Management and Spanish, so I came to Sevilla to immerse myself in the language and to have new travel experiences.  It is my currently my first week here and I am still adapting to the many differences between Spain and Wisconsin, but so far I am enjoying the culture, class, and study abroad life.
Mi Primero Gusto de España

I arrived in Sevilla this past Sunday, May 21, with no sleep from travelling and unsure of what my life here would be like.  As soon as I got out of the airport, I hopped in a taxi that took my friend Lilly and I to our host family.  We stopped at Calle Sol, scrambled to give our driver the right amount of Euros, and pressed the buzzer for the address listed in our folder.  Soon a woman opened the metal door and greeted us in Spanish.

Asunsacion gave us our first meal of homemade potato chips and fried chicken, and we were surprised to see fried food here instead of America.  We met our host father Antonio and sister Beatriz, then unpacked and got ready for school the next day.

Luckily for us, Asunsacion walked us to class the first day.  We were slightly overwhelmed by the narrow, confusing streets but we able to make our way home after our day of Artistic Monuments in Sevilla class.  Below is a picture that I took as our host mom guided us to class.